Price: $498 per 1.75m (discontinued).

Design: From my April 2020 review:

Shunyata’s Venom power-cord models are inexpensive by high-end standards, and I like that you get a generous amount of tech for your money. The Venom NR-V10 is a ten-gauge cord with conductors of oxygen-free electrolytic (OFE) copper and is shielded against RFI/EMI. The metal contacts are cryogenically treated, and the cord includes Shunyata’s Component-to-Component Interference (CCI) filter, to keep powerline noise from entering the connected audio component.

Shunyata Research

Yes, these cords are claimed to reduce noise, not just provide a clean pathway for power. Shunyata also states that their Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP) reduces burn-in time and accounts for wire directionality for overall better cord performance. The standard Venom NR-V10 is terminated with EF-C15 CopperCONN connectors.

Shunyata Research

Why I chose them: If there is a price-to-performance champion in this system it might just be the Shunyata Research Venom power cords. Even if you are a power cable skeptic, the $500 or so you would spend on one of these cords buys you some mighty sturdy connectors, and that, along with the fantastic construction quality of the cabling itself, is worth the price of admission.

Shunyata Research

Adding Venoms to your system—heck, just start with one if you want to check out whether they work or not—is relatively cheap and ensures there is no bottleneck of energy transfer from wall to component. The improved sound quality is just icing on the cake!

. . . Jeff Fritz