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Price: $1100 per 1.5m (discontinued).
Website: www.shunyata.com

Design: The Shunyata Research Alpha USB is the antithesis of the generic USB cables that come with computers. Why? How about the Ohno copper conductors, formed with Shunyata’s ArNi hollow-tube technology and assembled in the company’s VTX geometry using fluorocarbon dielectrics. Finish it off with ultra-high-quality connectors and you have a pure winner.

Shunyata Research

Why I chose it: The honest truth here is that I wanted all my bases covered. This is easily the nicest USB cable I have ever had in my system, and my system sounds wonderful with it in place. It connects my Apple MacBook Air to MSB Technology’s Pro USB interface on the Discrete DAC.

Shunyata Research

I could not be happier with the Alpha USB.

. . . Jeff Fritz