Price: $929 per set

Design: Square panels, rounded panels, wood panels, three-dimensional panels . . . I was drowning in options, and frankly, didn’t like any of them. I wasn’t building a recording studio, and I didn’t want something that looked boring. Vicoustic’s Vixagon VMT acoustic panels were perfect for several reasons. They come in a couple of different sizes, and the Mini version comes in both hexagonal and diamond shapes, allowing for all sorts of neat geometric possibilities. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of colors and designs, which turned out not to matter in the end as I wimped out and went with black.


Why I chose them: My basement listening space—only part of which I use for my audio system—is an acoustic challenge given that I don’t yet have it fully furnished. The What We Make Media Console and matching coffee table, together with an area rug, certainly helped tame things down. But it was the Vicoustic panels on the tray ceiling that finally helped dial in my system. If you go the Vicoustic route, just make sure to purchase Vicoustic’s dedicated adhesive, Flexi Glue Ultra. I made the mistake of opting for double-sided 3M tape and found that most of the panels had fallen from my ceiling within ten days of installing them. Not ideal, especially since I also took off a fair bit of ceiling paint while removing the tape.

. . . Hans Wetzel