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Price: $3000 per 6m pair (discontinued).
Website: www.shunyata.com

Design: Shunyata Research’s Delta range sits right below the Alphas and is the third tier of the company’s cables (Sigmas being the very top of the line). The Delta ICs use Ohno copper conductors and, like the Alpha SP speaker cables, are formed using the company’s ArNi technology and arranged in its VTX geometry. This means the conductors are shaped into hollow tubes, which is said to reduce eddy currents and minimize skin effect, and twisted in a proprietary fashion to reduce noise.

Shunyata Research

The XLR connectors are very nicely finished and precisely manufactured, so, unlike some other brands, you never get any ill-fitting connections.

Shunyata Research

Why I chose them: Shunyata’s interconnects have always sounded dead neutral to me. I’ve never had an occasion where I’ve questioned the fidelity of a Shunyata IC, and the Deltas are no exception.

Shunyata Research

I’ve used interconnects made by tons of companies through the years and I don’t think I’ve heard a more tonally neutral set of cables than these Shunyatas.

. . . Jeff Fritz