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To Jeff Fritz,

I have read with great interest your reviews of the T+A PA 3100 HV [$23,500], McIntosh Laboratory MA9000 [$10,000], and the Luxman L-509X [$9450] integrated amplifiers, and thank you for the comparisons. Very helpful.

I have Wilson Sabrina loudspeakers and use a Bricasti DAC with network board to drive my amp directly. After some mechanical breakdown of my amp, I am in the market for a new integrated.

Which of the three that you reviewed might be the best match for the Sabrinas please?

Appreciate you comments.

South Carolina
United States

These are all fantastic products and each model has strengths. Based on price, the Luxman and McIntosh are the two that would attract me most. From there, it is really a question of taste. Both should drive your Sabrinas with no issue, though the Luxman, at 120Wpc into 8 ohms, is much less powerful than the McIntosh, which will give you up to 300Wpc into the same load. Although these two integrateds do sound different -- which I detailed in my Luxman review -- they have much in common. The only way to decide is to experience them yourself, though I know that is sometimes easier said than done. The good news is that, either one you pick, you’ll have a fantastic amp that should give you many years of pleasure. . . . Jeff Fritz