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To Hans Wetzel,

I’ve read your article about the Gryphon Diablo 300 and you wrote that you used Sonus Faber’s Venere S to test, among other speakers. I want to ask if [the] Diablo 300 and Venere S speakers were a good match? I got the Venere S speakers and am going to change to the Diablo 300 or the T+A 3100 HV. Home demo is not available in my country, so I’m [wondering if the] Diablo 300 would be a good match for my Venere S speakers. Thank you.

Hieu Nguyen

I think Gryphon’s Diablo 300 is a fantastic amp, and with its massive power reserves, would work well with just about any loudspeakers, including a pair of Venere Ses. As you can tell from my reviews of both the Diablo 300 and the Venere S, products that I used in tandem with one another for each review, I certainly liked what I heard. I think you will, too.

I will say, however, that the Diablo 300 is probably overkill for this application, as is the T+A 3100 HV. Something like Gryphon’s Diablo 120 or T+A’s PA 2000 R, the latter of which I reviewed back in 2016, should have no problem driving the Venere S speakers to their full potential. With a 90dB efficiency rating and a nominal 4-ohm impedance, the S should be a breeze for either amp to drive, since each offers at least 200Wpc on tap into a 4-ohm load and plenty of current. Personally, I’d opt for one of these amps and pocket the difference for upgrading my DAC, turntable, or speakers going forward. Should you decide to plump for the Diablo 300, however, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re buying one of the very best integrated amplifiers out there. Good luck! . . . Hans Wetzel