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To Jason Thorpe,

Enjoyed your review of the VPI Prime Signature package. It became my destination table this past spring and have greatly enjoyed it since. I opted for the Rosewood finish, which takes it to a whole ’nother aesthetic dimension and obliterates any concerns regarding appearance -- it’s stunning.

The one thing you missed on is the cueing mechanism of the tonearm -- it is damped. It's just another one of those analog things where you gotta do it just so to make it work. It requires that you lower the lever .5” or so (somewhat quickly and purposefully), then release it and the damping kicks in. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you get it, it’s second nature. Gives you a few seconds to get to your chair before it eases into the lead-in groove.

If you should opt to make the Prime Signature part of your daughter’s inheritance, there is one more piece you’ll need to consider. The FatBoy Gimbal tonearm is a monster on that turntable! Gave myself one for Christmas and while I’m still getting acquainted, it’s obvious that it’s a significant improvement over the 3DR and ensures that this will be my final analog front-end -- unless, of course, my ship comes in with the winning lottery ticket!

Best regards and wishes for a happy holiday season,
United States