To Hans Wetzel,

I enjoyed reading your review of the Vivid Audio Giya G4. It was one of the few that tried the Giya G4 in a smallish space. I am thinking of getting the Giya G4 for my home office, away from my toddler’s little hands, and also where I can listen the most. I will move into a new home soon (not determined where yet). My estimation is that my future office will have dimensions around 14’W x 16’L x 9’H. From your experience with the G4s, do you think that the speakers would work in such a space? If not, what would you guess would be the smallest possible dimensions?

Manoj Cooray
United States

I’m jealous that you’re able to realistically consider grabbing a pair of Giya G4s, Manoj. Despite more than four years having passed since I reviewed the G4, it remains one of the finest loudspeakers I’ve ever heard. I’m confident that despite the G4’s diminutive stature, a pair will have no problem pressurizing a room with the dimensions you’ve specified. Before you rush out and buy, though, I would suggest checking out Vivid’s new Kaya line, which was introduced at Munich’s High End 2018. I bet the Kaya 45 would be a mighty fine alternative to the Giya G4 for a little more than half the price -- $18,000/pair. Yes, it’s a three-way design rather than the Giya G4’s four-way architecture, and looks a bit unusual; however, I’m betting you’d come awfully close to Giya-esque performance with an extra $12,000 to spare. Irrespective of which Vivid model you get, though, I think you’ll love the sound. . . . Hans Wetzel