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To Garrett Hongo,

I read your review dated October 1, 2009, and thought I should ask you few questions and hope you do not mind.

I have a Finite Elemente Signature rack. I have six pieces of [Finite Elemente] Cerapuc feet, which I used three under my CD player and three under my preamplifier. I have a Linn LP12 turntable and recently I tried three Cerapucs under it and the sound was much better. I moved the ones under my CD player to my turntable, [so my] preamp still had Cerapucs underneath. I decided to use Cerapucs under my CD player and turntable and buy more feet for my preamplifier, which is a VTL 5.5 Series II.

Considering all the support equipment I have is Finite Elemente, would it make more sense to buy three or four Cerapucs or HRS Nimbus feet to use under my preamp? It is a valve preamp and has a grille underneath too, although it does not get very hot. Considering that the Nimbus is larger and would cover some of the grille area underneath the amp, do you think it is not a good idea? If you recommend HRS Nimbus, then should I also buy [HRS] Damping Plates?

I would really appreciate your advice.

Many thanks and kind regards.

United Kingdom

My strong advice is to stick with the Finite Elemente Cerapucs and be consistent with the system you have, especially as the HRS Nimbus footers would cover part of the venting system under your preamp.

I like Finite Elemente products, by the way, and think they make sense and control extraneous vibrations very well. I once owned a Finite Elemente rack and Cerapucs myself, in fact.

The HRS Nimbus footers and Damping Plates make the most sense when used in conjunction with the entire HRS racking system, although the Damping Plates can be used with just about any kind of gear. I use them even though I’ve not the HRS racking system. . . . Garrett Hongo