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To Jeff Fritz,

I loved the conundrum you set up [“Will the Real Ultra Products Please Stand Up?”]. You have hit it right on the head with what is wrong with the industry. The Paradigm Persona should be one of the most discussed products on the forums, and all you hear are the same things about people shopping for the same old names.

People can’t come to grips with the fact that Paradigm has vaulted themselves into the über speaker category with this new line of remarkable speakers, which says a lot about how established the old vanguard high-end-audio companies are.

We have the 9H set up with the remarkable T+A electronics, which are also in the über class of performance, technology, and build quality, yet cost considerably less [than their competition].

If you are in our neck of the woods -- the NYC area -- I would love to have you hear our reference setup. It is pretty special. Thanks again. Love SoundStage! Ultra.

Dave Lalin
Audio Doctor
United States