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To Jeff Fritz,

I just reread your 1998 review of these speakers [Wisdom Audio Adrenaline Dipole 75 on SoundStage! Hi-Fi], which I have owned since before your review.

Could you be so kind as to tell me if you ever heard the later monopole version of this speaker?

I have enjoyed the dipole for almost 20 years, and wonder if I am missing much. Tom Bohlender [then of Wisdom Audio] told me that he only manufactured 30 pairs of the dipoles, and was sticking to monopoles.

Thanks for your help, Jack United States

That was actually my very first audio equipment review! What a blast from the past. Although I’ve not heard that speaker in many years, I still have fond memories of it. I never did hear the monopole version, at least not outside of possibly a brief listen at CES many years ago, so I can’t help you with that comparison.

As to newer speakers, there have definitely been some real advances: materials, modeling software, more advanced manufacturing techniques, not to mention the engineering improvements seen at so many companies. There is no question you could improve your stereo in the areas of neutrality and transparency, to name just two areas, by buying new speakers.

On the other hand, the longer I’ve been in this hobby the more I realize that being happy with what you have is far more rewarding than coveting the newest component. The fact that you have been satisfied for 20 years is not only a testament to your Wisdom speakers, but also to your ability to simply appreciate what’s in front of you. My advice would be to go out and hear some new speakers. If that drives you to upgrade, so be it. It might just drive you back to your listening seat in front of your Wisdom speakers. . . . Jeff Fritz