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To Jeff Fritz,

Trust you are well. I believe I read somewhere that you had some experience with the new Paradigm Persona 9H and that you liked them a lot. Not sure, so I thought I had rather approach you directly. As you may be aware, I have the Rockport Avior, which I love. The only thing against it is lack of adjustability and probably scale.

Any views how the Persona 9H would stack up against the Avior and if you think there is any merit in a change?

I have always respected your rather impartial and candid views. So I’m grateful for some advice.

Many thanks in advance.

South Africa

I did write about my impressions of the prototype of the Paradigm Persona 9H, then called the Concept 4F, which was played at Munich’s High End back in 2015. It was an impressive demonstration, and left me with high hopes that the most expensive Paradigm speaker ever made would be something special. But the Concept 4F was just a prototype, and I’ve not yet heard the production version of that speaker, which is what you are considering. There’s just no telling how the 9H turned out without hearing it.

How would the 9H compare with the Rockport Avior you own now? I can only offer some conjecture based on what I’ve heard of the prototype and the Avior, so here goes: There is no question that the Paradigm will play louder, particularly in the low end, where its four 8.5” woofers powered by a 1400W amplifier would likely fill any room with ground-shaking bass. Its DSP-based Anthem Room Correction circuitry would help integrate that massive bass in your room.

However, just because the Paradigm can play louder and deeper in the bass (DSP helps in that regard), I have no idea whether you’d prefer it to your Avior. Rockport speakers are expertly voiced and meticulously constructed and tested, yielding a sound that is sublime. The Avior has been tremendously successful and, if you’re fond of its sound, would surely be hard to beat. I’d never suggest you consider changing to the Persona 9H based on my impressions of the prototype or the specs of either model. You’d have to compare them side-by-side. The Rockports you have are fine instruments that make music sound like music. I’d stick with them unless you know with certainty you prefer something else, and the only way you’ll know is by listening. . . . Jeff Fritz