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To Jeff Fritz,

I would like to get your opinion about a possible speaker upgrade. I found a couple of useful articles on SoundStage! Ultra regarding the comparison between the Dynaudio C2 and Magico S1, but unfortunately not the S3.

I own a pair Dynaudio Confidence C2 speakers in combination with a Vitus RI-100 integrated amplifier. Overall, I really like the sound of my speakers. The only thing that I miss a little bit is the punch of the bass.

My question to you is: If I upgrade from my two-way Dynaudio C2 to the three-way Magico S3, would I gain deeper bass and more dynamics, but still get the lovely vocals that I hear from my Dynaudio C2?

I mostly listen to female vocals, jazz, and folk.

Kind regards,

The biggest advantage of going from the Dynaudio C2 to the Magico S3 is the fact that you are upgrading from a two-way design to a three-way loudspeaker. Moving to a three-way from a two-way generally means deeper bass and more dynamic range, all other things being equal.

In this particular case, however, you are also dealing with two very differently voiced loudspeakers. The Dynaudios have a soft-dome tweeter and a sound that will be slightly more forgiving, whereas the Magicos, with their beryllium dome, will be more resolving, displaying more apparent detail in the upper registers. While I would expect the Magico to play lower in the bass than the Dynaudio C2, I am not sure it will be punchier in the midbass; the ported Dynaudio will sound very different in the bass versus the sealed Magico.

Although I think the Magico is an upgrade over the Dynaudio in this case, you really should try to hear a pair of S3s before you make your decision. The Dynaudio speakers that you own are no slouches, and the Magicos you are considering will give you a totally new sound. How will that shake out in your room, with your gear, and your musical preferences? You will simply have to try it to find out. . . . Jeff Fritz