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To Jeff Fritz,

What are your thoughts on pairing the Magico S7 with the Devialet 800? I mostly enjoy indie rock like Grizzly Bear, and electronic music like Lorn. I definitely want full-range sound with plenty of slam, wide and deep soundstage, and low-end extension that overall is not fatiguing. Also, do you think it would be a huge difference between pairing the amp with the S5 Mk.II?

United States

Unless you are buying used, the new Devialet you would be looking at would be the Expert 1000 Pro. This model replaces the previous 800.

As for paring the Devialet monos with the Magico S7, I think it would be a stunning combination. Not only would you have full-range response with plenty of slam, but you’d have a system that is incredibly low in distortion, too, which should lead to the fatigue-free sound you’re looking for.

As for the S7 versus the S5 Mk.II, I think the larger model just offers a bit more of the things that make the S5 Mk.II a really popular choice. It’ll likely play a little louder and a little lower in the bass, attributes that, based on the music you’ve cited, might make the S7 the better choice for you. Let me know what you choose and how it sounds once you get it set up! . . . Jeff Fritz