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To Jeff Fritz,

I read your interesting review of the Wadia di322 digital-to-analog converter because I want to buy it. I just have doubts about the digital volume, which I would like to exclude from my system. Can this be done with internal dip switches? Or, must it simply be put at the maximum level? But, in this mode, it comes out to be 8V volts, instead of the normal 4V of many XLR outputs. This is too high for my amp. Can you explain better? This seems like a big problem.

Many thanks,

I sent your question to my contact at Wadia and the lead engineer responded: "[The] di322’s analog output is variable. Both balanced and unbalanced outputs can be set to any output level. Maximum balanced output is 8V and maximum unbalanced output is 4V. The desired output level can be set by the digital volume control and the output level remains until the output level is changed again." I hope this helps, Alessandro. . . . Jeff Fritz