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To Jeff Fritz,

Does the new Rockport Technologies Cygnus replace the Altair II on your desert island?

Kerry Legeard

That is a thought-provoking question! I guess the answer might depend on the configuration of the cave on my desert island. In many ways, the answer would be yes, I’d choose the Cygnus -- I think it is the more revealing, more high-resolution loudspeaker. It still has the authoritative Rockport bass and the inviting Rockport sound, but is more open and transparent than Rockports past, including the Altair II.

On the other hand, the Altair II is no slouch in any of these above-mentioned areas, and also brings more low-bass weight and absolute extension to the party; these are not insignificant attributes, depending on the music you listen to. I suspect that in the largest of rooms (or caves), the Altair II would be the more commanding presence. Its physical depth is also a consideration -- front to back, it is far deeper than the Cygnus, so be careful with that.

Ultimately, whichever Rockport model you choose, you’ll get a super set of loudspeakers. Hopefully there is a dealer somewhere that has both models for you to listen to. . . . Jeff Fritz