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To Jeff Fritz,

I am one of your many fans and I wanted to take a second of your time to say thank you for your reviews and advice. I won’t tell you I have a favorite review or article, but I can truly say you have a lot of great information in the archives: the Paradigm bookshelf and subwoofer article, Jeff’s way to assemble a system (I needed the reminder), and the Aperion Audio Verus Grand Tower review (you singlehandedly verified them for many people and I almost purchased a pair). Oh, and I can’t forget about the "Benchmark Systems" -- a great series in itself. Like I said, a lot of great articles in the archives. Please keep up the great work and pass on the same sentiments to Doug Schneider and Hans Wetzel. Happy Holidays SoundStage! Network team.

Best regards,
LaDedric Taylor
United States