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To Jeff Fritz,

I observed the latest comments on Devialet with a big smile, having now a pair of Phantom speakers for some months. I guess the problem that arises with the concept of this active point-source speaker is based on the fact that this design approach challenges the classical business model of hi-fi manufacturers. This old-fashioned business model is focused on the status and image aspects resulting in "the bigger the better," meaning "the more expensive the better" or "only size matters."

This marketing concept allows for an endless path for upgrading/modifying a system, including any kind of tweaks. The cable hype is a good example here. Or the power regenerators and filters.

Looking now to Devialet's concept there is only one way for sound improvement: software updates! A similar concept was the laser turntable from Final, today produced by ELP Corp., Japan.

If this concept ever convinced the reviewers it would have ruined the manufacturers of turntables and tonearms/pick-ups. No distributor or dealer would be interested! Thus, barriers against market entrance have to be built! As you might already assume, I also own an ELP laser turntable.

But I also favor the idea of “chacun à son goût” and everybody should follow his hobby as he likes!