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To Jeff Fritz,

Your review of the Soulution 711 amplifier was a great read. As fate would have it, I have an opportunity to audition the Soulution 711 and 725 preamp in the coming weeks and it will be with Raidho and Gauder Akustik speakers. I feel I'm answering my own question, but I am wondering what your thoughts would be on pairing the Soulution combo with Magico S7s! And, I know how you feel about the Soulution with the genre of music in your review, but how do feel about the 711 shaking the walls with some rock’n’roll?

Look forward to your thoughts, and thanks for all the great reads!

United States

Magico and Soulution have an especially good synergy. I can’t imagine why an S7/711/725-based system would not perform to an incredibly high level, perhaps even state of the art. The particular system you describe, assuming I could afford it, would definitely be something I would shoot for. I also believe the Magico S7, as driven by the Soulution 711/725 combination, could easily do rock music justice -- or any music for that matter. I have the 711 powering Magico Q7 Mk II speakers currently and this system has simply no practical limitations. The 711 is a true powerhouse, and the Magicos can take the power and will respond in kind with high output levels.

So, my opinion is to tell you to go for it. Although I’ve seen some crazy things in this hobby, I can’t conceive of a scenario where you would be disappointed. . . . Jeff Fritz