Good morning Mr. Fritz. I am an avid reader of Ultra Audio. May I ask you a question? I am about to buy a new set of speakers. My first choice is the Rockport Technologies Altair. Do you think I can proceed with my current amp, a Vitus Audio SS-101? Is the Vitus able to drive the Altair with 50Wpc? Would I have a greater chance of success with other amps? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Ciro Scala
Naples, Italy

Nice to hear from you, Ciro. I've had some wonderful times on vacation with my wife in Italy and your letter makes me want to return! Regarding the Vitus SS-101 and the Rockport Altair: It is a wonderful combination that I lived with for about a year. The Vitus SS-101, which I reviewed in January of 2007, although only rated for 50Wpc into 8 ohms, actually produces closer to 100Wpc. It has a massive power supply that virtually ensures that it doesn't run out of steam when playing music. The Rockport Altair, with its 91dB sensitivity rating and 4-ohm impedance, is a perfect match for the Vitus. You'll likely be able to play the combination as loud as you'll ever need. In my room, the bass control was simply astounding. The system was completely at ease at all times and a real sonic treat in every parameter. In fact, if you read my Altair review, all of those comments were generated using the Vitus exclusively. So to sum up, since I had that exact combination in my room, I can wholeheartedly recommend that Vitus/Rockport combination for the most demanding music lover. . . . Jeff Fritz