To Jeff Fritz,

I always enjoy your perspectives and understand the closure on this aspect of your reviews ["Closing the Curtain on TWBAS"]. I can just imagine some of the challenges of getting those large speakers into your home. What I have enjoyed in your commentary is the insight on the design, manufacturing, and quality aspects of the various companies you have visited and reviewed. I am on my own personal quest for some new speakers such as the Rockports, Magicos, Veritys, Egglestons, or Acoustic Zens. What I have learned is to trust my ears to find the best musical connection. I was really excited about your Devialet review since it confirmed my suspicion that great equipment can be found for a reasonable price. Maybe that’s the next adventure: "I can’t believe this sounds that good for the money." I look forward to your next adventure!

Randy Gossard
United States