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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I have been reading your valuable opinions on Ultra Audio and after auditioning the Rockport Avior speakers, I am tilted into purchasing them. Now the question I want to ask you is that if you were to build a perfect system around the Avior, what would the components be? Your previous comments show that you prefer Gryphon preamplifiers and power amplifiers. However, I cannot decide on the specific model in their lineup. I tried to just purchase everything off your “TWBAS” list, but it seems like overkill for these speakers. I would like a perfect system -- not overkill. Basically, I want “TWBAS” around the Avior. With that in mind, can you advise me on building a music system around the Avior? Could you list the makers and their specific models?

Best regards,
Ji Chung

I would look at three specific models if I were in your shoes. First would be the Gryphon Antileon Signature Stereo. While this model has been around for some time, it is a timeless machine that I think would mate particularly well with the Avior -- Rockport’s Andy Payor uses one himself, so I know the synergy exists. The second unit I would look at would be the Boulder 1060. This 300Wpc stereo unit is clean and powerful sounding and I know it also has great synergy with Rockport -- not only have I used this combination myself, but we have a current writer, Ryan Coleman, who uses a 1060 with his Rockports. Lastly, I would listen to the Ayre Acoustics MX-R monoblocks. These units are also 300W and are some of the most natural-sounding amplifiers I’ve ever heard. Between these three models you simply can’t go wrong. I’d pair each of these amplifiers with preamps from the same companies.

I am sure your decision will be partially guided by what is available locally to you and the support you feel you’ll get from your dealer or distributor. What I can tell you is that, along with the great sound each component offers, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with all three companies when it comes to service and support. Let me know what you end up choosing. . . . Jeff Fritz