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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I have a pair of Rockport Technologies Mira II speakers. Would you say it is a worthwhile upgrade to get the Atria? I am listening to about 20% audio. The rest of the equipment is a Classé preamp-processor, Simaudio W7 amplifier, and Cardas Clear cabling.


I just answered a similar question a few days ago and the answer was an easy "yes." The only caveat I would offer in your case is this: If you are looking to get substantially more and deeper bass from the Atria (for home-theater purposes) versus what you have in the Mira II, I don’t think this upgrade is what you’re looking for. The better choice would then be the more expensive Avior. However, in every other respect I can think of, I feel sure the upgrade would be more than worthwhile. Ultimately, I need to test the Atria in the same room that I used for the original Mira -- that will certainly give me some more conclusive, specific results. But from what I heard at CES -- and what Andy Payor has told me via phone -- I don't think the improvement from the Mira II to the Atria is subtle. . . . Jeff Fritz