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To Jeff Fritz,

I have an integrated amplifier, the Gamut Di150, and a Soulution 745 SACD player. Which speaker -- the Audio Physic Avantera or the Magico S5 -- is better? I want a speaker that is musical, transparent, and produces no listener fatigue.


The Audio Physic speakers are solid bets in most cases. I've heard them for years at Munich's High End show and they always put on a good show. Their main strengths have to do with soundstaging: excellent depth and the ability to be spread wide and still produce a dense wall-to-wall stage.

That being said, the Magico S5 is a superior loudspeaker. In terms of low distortion and sheer neutrality, you won't beat it at the price, or perhaps anywhere near. When the S5 was introduced, I projected that it would be Magico's best-selling loudspeaker, and I think it is on the way to becoming just that. Based on my short audition, I can say with confidence that it is extremely transparent but also robust in the bass and easy to listen to. So, as much as I like the Audio Physic speakers, hands-down the Magico is the speaker to get. . . . Jeff Fritz