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To Jeff Fritz,

I appreciate your willingness to communicate with your readers through the Readers' Letters section. I find this to be as informative as the reviews.

Your Network recently gave the Vandersteen Treo a Select Component award, yet there is no mention of this speaker in feature articles such as "The Super-High-Value Products I'd Buy Today." The Treo seems to be natural competition for the KEF R series, which is frequently discussed. Has there been any comparison between the two?


You make a very good point. The Treo, at its price of $5995/pr., is close to the retail price of the KEF R900 ($5000/pr.). I would love to hear them side by side. I suspect they would both excel in different areas and would therefore attract different customers. Your question reminds me of the article I wrote titled, "Comparisons on Paper: B&W 803 Diamond vs. Tidal Contriva Diacera SE." It's fun and instructive to compare what products offer in terms of hardware and specifications. It can be a good starting point in your research and also give an idea as to what value proposition a certain product offers versus another.

Ultimately, of course, you have to listen to them to make the most meaningful comparison. And unfortunately I have not had the occasion to hear the KEF and Vandersteen together such that I could make that comparison. But nonetheless, your point is taken, and since I know enough knowledgeable people who really like that speaker, it probably should have been included. . . . Jeff Fritz