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To Jeff Fritz,

I love the candor in your recent response about superspeakers and Wilson not being among the cutting-edge speaker companies ("Magico Unlimited"). Seems other publications don’t want to say what can readily be discerned by listening. I can’t imagine Stereophile saying anything more critical about Wilson other than little nits. If the reviewers at Stereophile are rendering their honest opinion about Wilson products as SOTA, that’s even scarier. 

The above feeds into your recent comment about why critical reviews don’t appear in many publications. If a magazine only reviews products that are worthy for fear of alienation, that isn’t that much help for the consumer. They always say the Recommended Components lists are not meant to be exclusive, but how does the reader know which unreviewed products are undiscovered/worthy of consideration and which have been discarded because they are flawed or unreliable. At that point, why not skip the publication entirely and go spelunking and see what you find.

Keep the candor coming and I’ll keep reading.

Jon Lutz