To Garrett Hongo,

I'm looking for a fine power cord for my Cary 300/303 CD player. Your review of the Siltech SPX-800 [on SoundStage! Hi-Fi] was great reading, even more since the 25th-anniversary edition was launched. Last week I got the chance to compare in my system two Cardas Golden Reference power cords and a few days later a single Cardas Clear M power cord. During my three days of extensive listening to vocal music (classic and jazz) with the Clear power on the Cary, I could easily feel and understand what Georges Cardas calls "the head of the choir or the emotion in the individual voice," speaking about his Clear wires and cords.

My system can be described as mature, neutral, well balanced (tube preamp and solid-state amp), and also enjoyable, but I still miss a more real and palpable soundstage. According to my hi-fi shop, the Clear M cord was not retained by the Cardas representative to be imported here in Switzerland. Siltech is not imported as well, so I am not really sure if I should buy the SPX-800 without advice. Your opinion will be very helpful. Thanks a lot for reading.


I think it's more than likely the Cardas Clear power cord will work well with your Cary 303/300 CD player. I've used Cardas Golden Reference the past three years with very good results, actually, and had thought about upgrading to Clear before I reviewed the Siltech SPX-800 and Ruby Hill II power cords.

At present, I've a Harmonix Studio Master xDC power cord on my own Cary 303/300, and it's performing very well, with great top-end extension and clarity, terrific resolution and dynamics, as well as dynamic contrasts. It's just a bit livelier and perhaps a touch more resolving than the Siltech SPX-800, which sounds more relaxed, perhaps more balanced, and presents a touch smoother midrange. The question is which sounds "better," I suppose, but they do sound "different." I use an SPX-800 on my Eximus DP-1 DAC, and I love it.

Power cords, though, are interactive, I believe. Gains perhaps increase as you employ a uniformity of AC wires. I mainly use Siltech wires as my reference (power and signal), with the one Harmonix xDC Studio Master on the Cary 303/300 for the sake of experiment and exploration with the effect on the system sound. I also have a Silent Source Signature power cord on my Herron VTPH-2 phono, by the way. Otherwise, it's Siltech Ruby Hill II and SPX-800 on all other components and power distribution. . . . Garrett Hongo