To Jeff Fritz, 

Both the Coda 15.0 and McIntosh MC452 got good reviews from you. I'm actually choosing between them to drive ProAc D40R/K6 loudspeakers. Can you recommend which amp I should go for? Thank you.


As you read in my reviews, I think very highly of both brands and each individual model. I feel your dilemma, though, as this would be a very hard choice for me as well. If I needed abundant power, I would probably lean toward the McIntosh. Its power output of 450Wpc will drive the most inefficient speakers to loud levels quite easily. It also has classic looks to match its wonderful sound, the latter of which is thoroughly modern and transparent unlike much older McIntosh amplifiers.

If I did not need the massive output power, however, I would ultimately lean toward the Coda Model 15.0. Its golden class-A sound is seductive and its rock-solid bass control and high resolution are just what today’s best speakers yearn for. So even though it is a can’t-go-wrong proposition, and I could easily live with either amplifier indefinitely without ever looking back, I think the Coda for most applications would edge out the big Mac. . . . Jeff Fritz