To Michael Wright,

I am contacting you from France. I’ve just read your review of the Copland CDA825 CD player, which is very interesting. As a matter of fact, I am contacting you today because I would like to know if you know Copland’s amplifiers too. Have you done other reviews on Copland’s electronics?

I’m looking for a power amplifier (or maybe an integrated) to make a new system. Loudspeakers I have listened to and enjoyed were Tidal's Piano Cera, and Lawrence Audio models, too. What do you think about Copland’s amplifiers, such as the CTA506 stereo power amplifier and CTA405 stereo integrated amplifier?

If you know a little about Tidal Audio or Lawrence Audio loudspeakers, could you tell me what you think about a system comprising Tidal and Copland, or Lawrence Audio and Copland? Thank you.

Best regards,

The two Copland pieces you referenced are very nice. Copland gear has a reputation for having excellent build quality to go along with their good sound. I do feel that, tonally, the Copland electronics sound a little bit on the warm side of neutral. Some people like that type of sound and, therefore, do a pretty good job of matching it up with their system. But you should be mindful of that warmth when matching Copland electronics to loudspeakers.

I am very familiar with the Tidal Piano Ceras and like them quite a bit (I have no experience with Lawrence speakers). They would make a nice match with the Copland amp. One other amp to consider that would probably work well in your system would be the Hegel H20 amplifier. Just a thought for your consideration. Let me know how it goes. Good luck and good hunting. . . . Michael Wright