To Jeff Fritz,

I wondered if you have had a listening experience with the YG Acoustics Anat III Reference system, and how would it compare to the Rockport Altair?

I'm going to the USA to listen to both of these at their respective factories. I may be able to fit in Wilson Audio, but I don't think they would be in the running from what I've read on your site.

The YG Anat is regarded as one of the best speakers around today; at least this is what I keep reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
New Zealand

The large YG Acoustics speaker is a fine product. I've heard it at shows and have been impressed with it. However, the real battle, in my mind, for superspeaker superiority is between Rockport Technologies and Magico (you could also add Vivid Audio to the mix, but the form factor is completely different). The Rockport and Magico brands have both hit their stride as of late, and the products those companies are producing are exceptional by any measure. They are simply the best of the best.

I definitely recommend going to Maine and visiting Andy Payor at Rockport. He will be able to give you a very fine demonstration of the Altair II in his unmatched listening facilities. While you're there, you should also plan into your trip a visit to Goodwin's High End, which is just outside Boston, Massachusetts. They have one of the finest listening rooms of any dealer in the world and carry both Rockport and Magico. As you can read in the article I wrote after my visit there, they are willing to let you A/B the two brands at your leisure. You'll probably want to call ahead, but I am quite sure they can demo the Magico Q5 and Rockport Altair for you in the same system and in the same room. While you're there you'll also want to hear the flagship Magico, the Q7 (I'm sure Andy will play for you his Arrakis II as well).

These listening experiences will give you a baseline knowledge of what state-of-the-art loudspeakers can provide. You'll be richer for the experience and be able to make a truly informed decision regardless of the other brands you choose to listen to afterwards. Trust me when I say the bar will be set very high. Let us know what you end up buying. . . . Jeff Fritz