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To Jeff Fritz,

I read with great interest your review of the Raidho Acoustics C2.1, which I also own, and I concur in whole with your findings. Moreover, browsing the details concerning the Music Vault and different speaker reviews you've conducted, I've noticed that there is no identical positioning of the different speakers during the listening sessions. This brings me to my question: How would you describe the best-case scenario for the C2.1's placement, obviously related to your room which you thoroughly know?

Thank you and best regards,

My Music Vault listening room is about 23' wide x 20' deep. It supports deep bass in a very linear fashion as you can see from the in-room measurements I've conducted with various speakers I've had under review. The room has obviously been heavily acoustically treated and does not exhibit any egregious bass modes. For loudspeaker reviews this means that the distance from the speaker cabinets to the front wall is largely determined by the need for low-bass reinforcement versus maximizing soundstage depth. In other words, I don't have much if any "room boom" to deal with, so these other sound characteristics are the determining factors.

With the Raidho Acoustics C2.1 I did find that they benefitted from being placed slightly closer to the front wall than average (perhaps by 6"). The bass from the relatively small drivers and modest cabinet volume was enhanced by the boundary reinforcement that this placement produced and it had very little negative impact in other areas such as soundstage reproduction. In this location the bass was surprisingly robust, as I said in my review, and there was nothing to complain about with the soundstage at all. So, by all means, experiment and see what fits your tastes best. The Raidho speakers are capable of producing very high-resolution sound and deeper bass than you'd think. The key is to find just the right balance in your room. . . . Jeff Fritz