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To Jeff Fritz,

I truly enjoy and trust your opinions including your reviews of products. I would appreciate it very much if you could share some of your vast knowledge on my two systems at home.

System 1:

Kaleidescape server and player
Herron Audio VTSP-3A preamp and M1A mono amps
Aesthetix Pandora DAC
Shunyata Hydra Model-8 power conditioner
Rockport Technologies Mira 2 speakers (on order)
Shunyata power cords
Cardas Clear Light speaker cables and interconnects
Synergistic Research D3 digital cable

System 2:

Kaleidescape server and player
Aesthetix Calypso Signature preamp
Mark Levinson No.336 amp
Berkeley Alpha DAC
Shunyata Triton power conditioner
Rockport Technologies Avior speakers (on order)
Harmonix Studio Master, JPS Labs, and Shunyata Anaconda power cords
Cardas Clear interconnects and speaker cables
Synergistic Research D3 digital cable

I was wondering if I should use the Aesthetic DAC in System 2 instead and consider changing the Levinson amp to the Aesthetix Atlas Signature. Would this ensure better synergy using the same brand?

Please share your thoughts on both the system setups and if there is something I should consider adding to get the most out of the equipment. I spoke to Andy Payor regarding the ability of the amps to drive his speakers and he feels that they should have no problems in this respect. I appreciate your time and advice.


First, let me congratulate you on the choice of the Rockport speakers. You are a very fortunate audiophile to be able to order two such fine speakers and have separate rooms and systems to enjoy them in. I should have the Avior in within a few weeks for review and I am very much looking forward to hearing them.

As for system advice, I think you might be on the right track with the upgrade of the Levinson to the Aesthetix Atlas Signature. I have heard really good things about this amplifier and I suspect it would be a great match for the Aviors. The Levinson is quite old and I know the sound quality has been surpassed by many designs. I think the old Levinson is the one glaring weakness that I would address if your resources allow. Otherwise, I have no comments other than to say enjoy! But I suspect you don’t need that advice anyhow. . . . Jeff Fritz