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To Jeff Fritz,

I enjoyed reading your review of the Rockport Technologies Mira. My present speakers are Avalon Eidolon Visions, in a room that is about 10’ x 15’, and I am considering the Mira 2s. In your experience, would the Mira 2s be a good choice for a room of this size? I am trying to find the best-performing speaker for my room size, one that provides a wide and deep soundstage, and has excellent bass performance along with excellent performance in the mids and highs. I will be using Jeff Rowland solid-state amps and preamp and an Esoteric digital front end.

Any comments regarding the Mira or Mira 2, or other speakers that should be considered, are appreciated.

Your articles in Ultra Audio and on TWBAS are also much enjoyed.

Best regards,

I'd buy the Rockport Technologies Mira 2 in a heartbeat if I were shopping in the area of $15,000. It is a marvelous speaker and one that I believe would outperform what you currently have by a wide margin. The Mira 2 will play deeper and more authoritatively in the bass and is certainly the more neutral speaker.

Given a proper set-up regimen, a pair of Mira 2s will produce all the soundstage depth and breadth you could want. You'll be amazed at the resolution in the mids and highs, all without ever becoming fatiguing. They are articulate in the extreme and will thrive with good solid-state electronics like you have. What else can I say? An unqualified recommendation. . . . Jeff Fritz