To Jeff Fritz,

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and reply to this e-mail.

I’ve read your review of the EgglestonWorks Andra III numerous times and found it very informative. I would like to audition this speaker but there are no EgglestonWorks dealers in California -- there are only four in the USA.

I just purchased the BAT 600SE amp and VK-52SE preamp, and I’m looking to replace my Energy Veritas 2.8 loudspeakers with something around the same size (although I can go taller), price (I can’t go higher, retail-wise) and with great sound (subjective).

Being that you’ve listened to numerous speakers, and the Andra III has been out for a while, can you tell me what speaker(s) rival the Andra III at this price point? Lastly, would you spend your hard-earned money on this speaker, given everything I wrote above? Thanks again.

Ray Knight

The EW Andra III is a good loudspeaker, but not the model I would consider today if I were shopping in the $20k-$30k price range. The two speakers I would audition are the Magico S5 and Rockport Technologies Avior. Both of these speakers are super-high-performance designs that use topnotch drivers and robust cabinets, but, more important, are thoroughly engineered devices that will deliver linear, low-distortion, wide-dispersion sound. Frankly, I think these two speakers have leapfrogged the competition at the very competitive price point you are shopping in and would be at the top of my shortlist. . . Jeff Fritz