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To Jeff Fritz,

I've just read with tremendous interest your review of the Vitus Audio SS-101 stereo amplifier as I am looking to upgrade my gear. The alternative that I'm considering is the widely acclaimed Burmester 911 Mk.III stereo amplifier, as both are retailing for around the same price. I would like to know your thoughts and views in respect to how these two amplifiers compare to each other.

My current system consists of the Meridian 808.3 CD player, Parasound JC 2 preamp, and JC 1 monoblocks driving the Thiel CS3.7 loudspeakers. I am leaning towards the SS-101 since it has an onboard preamp, but I'm concerned whether 50W of class-A power is sufficient to drive my Thiel CS3.7 speakers, which are known to have a wickedly low impedance (even down to 2 ohms). Your input is thus greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Warm regards,
Joseph Loh

As you know, I've always thought highly of the Vitus gear and I would have no concern at all about the SS-101 being able to drive the Thiels. I think it could do so quite easily, in fact. As for how it compares to the Burmester, I am afraid I can offer no opinion. The company has never sent review samples so I have not been able to compare the two brands' offerings. Knowing how important power supplies are to great amplifiers, though, I would say that I am a little more impressed by the Vitus amplifier's weight advantage of 100 pounds -- the power transformer accounting for the majority of that poundage. . . . Jeff Fritz