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To Jeff Fritz,

I have, for the past five-plus years, owned the Esoteric P-01/D-01 (stereo, dual-mono units). I recently read your very well documented article on my units (obviously, many years after you wrote it!). I wondered if you have any opinion on the new P-02/D-02 units. I would be interested in replacing my units with them if they were an improvement. I am aware that Esoteric still considers my units as flagships; however, if you are acquainted with the new units I would be very grateful to know your opinion! Thank you for your time.

All the best,

There is perhaps no other area of sound-reproduction equipment that has improved at a faster rate than in digital sources. Although I have not directly compared the P-01/D-01 with the newer P-02/D-02, I'd be quite surprised if the newer units were not at least marginally better. And maybe quite a bit better. Esoteric, like any forward-thinking company, is keen to always improve on past performance -- their competitors are certainly doing just that. In a best-case scenario you could do a side-by-side comparison so that you would know for sure. I'd certainly put my money on the newer Esoterics.

We do have a full review of the P-02/D-02 combo in the works, but that is still a few months away. Nonetheless, please watch for the article this summer on Ultra Audio if you can wait that long. . . . Jeff Fritz