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To Jeff Fritz,

Good afternoon. I just read your article about TWBAS 2012 ("TWBAS 2012: Why I Chose These Components") in which you mentioned you listened to the Magico Q3 in your room.

Can you tell me what the size of your room is? I just listened to the same speaker at the Montreal Salon Son & Image last weekend and they had to kick me out of the room! I just couldn't stop listening to them. The Constellation Audio guy told me he once set them up in a room 11' x 13', seriously. I was a bit surprised. But still.

Thanks for your answer,

My room is roughly 20' x 23'. You can read my full review (linked above) to see how they sounded. As for room size, I definitely think that the Q3s would excel in a smaller room than mine. They have very linear, articulate bass with zero boom or bloat. This bodes well, I think, for small-room integration where too much bass can really ruin the sound. Now, 11' x 13' does sound small. I'd try the stand-mounted Q1 in that room first. . . . Jeff Fritz