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To Doug Blackburn,

I read your FireWire article on Ultra Audio a few days ago and ordered an AudioQuest Diamond FireWire cable for use between my dCS Scarlatti transport and dCS Scarlatti DAC. Oh my gosh and wow, it's like a preamp upgrade or new speakers! Now it has me wondering if there are even better FireWire cables out there! Thanks for taking the time to write about something different and possibly controversial. My wife even heard this one! I only have about seven hours playing time on it and I wonder if it'll break-in and get even better?!?


Glad to hear the review motivated you to try the Diamond cable. I doubt you'll hear much with added use since the Dielectric Bias System seems to do more than break-in does. Unless the battery goes dead, the cable will stay sounding perfectly broken-in all the time even if you disconnect it and leave it sitting for months before putting it back in the system. The AudioQuest Dielectric Bias System is really something special. I'd be pretty darn surprised if there's a better FireWire cable out there, but you never know. . . . Doug Blackburn