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To Jeff Fritz,

Thanks for the article on the Coda 15.0. I am a Coda fan and owner of their CSi integrated amp as well as their 06p phono preamp. I like everything about those guys and their approach. I am happy with my CSi integrated, but I can’t help wondering just how much better the new 15.0 would sound. I suppose that I would add to it Coda's 05x preamp, or wait for their upcoming 07 preamp.

Question: Have you compared the CSi with the 15.0? I would like to hear from someone who has heard both. Thanks for any feedback.

Ren Tilden

I have not had the opportunity to hear the CSi, though I am sure it is a very good unit based on my experience with many Coda products over the years. I think, however, that you're really comparing apples to oranges, as you are looking at a major investment upgrade for your system. An integrated amplifier, even one as ambitious as the CSi, is still compromised in terms of power supply, circuit sophistication, output stage, component choice and isolation, etc. The 15.0 is an all-out monster class-A amplifier that, when paired with a really good preamp such as Coda makes can produce world-class sound quality. The CSi, in my estimation, won't be able to compete at all. The only caveat I would offer is that you would want to have appropriately revealing loudspeakers coupled to a good room, and a good source, to really be able to appreciate the differences that the more expensive Coda electronics will provide.

You will be spending a lot of money if you commit to this upgrade, and if there is any way for you to compare for yourself, that's always wise. But, personally, I think the improvement will be substantial. . . . Jeff Fritz