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To Jeff Fritz,

I write you from Greece and live in Creta Island. I read your review of the Rockport Technologies Altairs and listened to the Ankaa, and then decided to buy the Altairs and they are great! I have to thank you very much for that, as I was looking for speakers for three years to match my Lamm M2.2 amps. I would like to ask you if the Lamm M1.2s are strong enough to drive the Altairs, as they operate in full class-A and have a warmer sound than the M2.2.

My listening room is fully treated by RPG components, in every detail, and the sound is great. My system consists of the Lamm L2 Reference preamp, LP2 Deluxe phono, Audioaéro Capitole Mk II player, SME 30/12a turntable, Acoustic Signature Analog One turntable with three motors and two tonearms.

Do you think that the M1.2s are capable of driving the Altairs, or should I try other solutions like Vitus, Soulution, Gryphon, and so on? Thank you very much for your time.

With my best regards,
Antonis Koniotakis

First, congratulations on the Altairs. You have some of the best loudspeakers available and I'm sure you'll enjoy many years with them. Now to your question: I do think the M1.2s can drive your Rockports, but I'm not sure they are the absolute best choice. The Rockports are designed primarily around powerful class-A amplifiers and owners I know tend to favor those types of amplifiers to pair with them. I've had multiple Rockports in my systems over the past six years and definitely have my preferences for amplification. Two of the brands you mention, Vitus and Gryphon, are definitely my preferred amplifiers for the Rockports. I went into some detail recently in a letter titled "Gryphon or Vitus with Rockport" about just these pairings.

The Altairs are extremely revealing, powerful loudspeakers. They like good, clean power, but also benefit greatly from exceptional refinement and absolute control. Those characteristics are possessed in great quantities by the Gryphon and Vitus class-A offerings. Most amplifier/speaker pairings I suggest are of the listen-before-you-buy type. But Gryphon and Vitus, when paired with Rockport, are sure-fire combinations guaranteed to bring long-term enjoyment. . . . Jeff Fritz