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To Jeff Fritz,

I just read your Coda Technologies 15.0 review. Two questions:

1) How hot does it get? I have a Levinson No.335 that gets warm to the touch after extended use.
2) Will it drive Magnepan 1.7 or 3.7 speakers or should I consider the Coda 30.0?


For your application, I would get the 30.0. Having the additional headroom offered by the 30.0's 330Wpc into 8 ohms makes the most sense to me for the Magnepans you mention (the 15.0 is 150Wpc). It should also run a tad cooler than the 15.0 due to the lower amount of class-A power it produces (the 15.0 does not get scaldingly hot, but does get quite warm). Ultimately, I think either amplifier would be fine in terms of heat and power output (they are close to the same amp, just biased differently), and both would be a definite sonic improvement over the Mark Levinson 335. I just made the comments about the 30.0 in case it's a huge concern. Either way, you're in for a real treat with the Coda. . . . Jeff Fritz