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To Jeff Fritz,

I just finished reading your review of the Accustic Arts Amp II-AC, as this amp has been recommended to me. Do you still feel the same way about it?

Two things, I guess: Are these available used on the North American market, and if so, what kind of money do they bring in? I understand they run hot and this worries me a bit given that heat tends to shorten the life of electronic gear, and at these prices is a concern. Is it cause for concern?


It's been seven years since I reviewed that amplifier. Honestly, I have almost no recollection of it beyond what is in my review. As to what the value is on the used market, I also have little to offer. The company has had somewhat of a low profile, at least in North America, as of late, and that lack of brand recognition would not seem to bode well for its used value. The products that seem to hold their value the best are the ones that are widely available and that everyone recognizes (see McIntosh as a great example). As to your last question about heat, I don’t remember anything out of the ordinary with regard to the amplifier overheating. Still, most of the large solid-state amplifiers that operate in class A, even to a small fraction of their rated power, will run somewhat hot. I would try to make sure the unit you buy has a decent warranty period left, but do remember it will likely have to be shipped to Germany -- not cheap -- if something goes wrong. . . . Jeff Fritz