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To Jeff Fritz,

Given that you've written a review on Paradigm's Reference Signature S6 v.2 (2007), I thought you might be able to answer my question. Would it be silly to purchase a pair of S6 speakers if I were only willing to pair them with, say, an Anthem MRX 500 A/V receiver, an Emotiva XPA-2 amplifier (300Wpc RMS into 8 ohms), and an Emotiva ERC-2 CD player? I worry that if I don't pair the S6es with better audio equipment than this, I won't get the high-end audio for which I'll have paid a hefty amount (according to my pocketbook). If this worry is warranted, perhaps (given the restriction of my funds) I should try to be content with something like Paradigm's Reference Studio 60s. What is your advice?

Aaron Knock

Your speaker selection will be the largest determinant of the eventual sound quality you attain in your audio system. The speakers are where the electrical signal is converted to the mechanical, and realized in the acoustics of your listening room. To put it bluntly, the speakers are where there is the most chance for error in audio reproduction.

My recommendation is to always buy the best speakers you can given your budget. In your case, if you have the option of purchasing a speaker as good as the Paradigm Reference Signature S6, I think you'd be very happy. The electronics you are going to power them with seem perfectly fine for the job. You'll have plenty of power and up-to-date processing for home theater as well as a dedicated CD player for music. I know the Anthem receiver is quite good and I've heard only good things about the Emotiva electronics as well. Pay close attention to speaker set up and I don’t see how you can go wrong. . . . Jeff Fritz