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To Jeff Fritz,

You just had to do it. In "Blowin' The Vault" you wrote, "When I decided on the speaker for TWBAS 2012, it became obvious to me that something had to change. I can’t yet tell you that speaker’s name, but I can say that it’s a one-piece model, it’s extremely heavy, and it’s taller than the Rockport Technologies Altair."

So now we're all wondering what the speaker is. It's one piece, so we know it is not the Arrakis again, or the X-2 from Wilson, or the big Verity. It's taller than the Altair, so that would seem to rule out the Magico Q5 and the TAD Reference One. Do we have to wait till next year to find out? This is killin' me!

Jim Trennor

Yes, you'll have to wait till next year, but just barely. Mark your calendar for Sunday, January 8, when the components that will make up TWBAS 2012 will be revealed in Las Vegas, Nevada, on our www.SoundStageGlobal.com site. You'll see the announcement streaming live on video. And I can tell you that the system is shaping up to be quite something! . . . Jeff Fritz