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To Jeff Fritz,

I wanted to write and say thank you for your brutally honest Magico Q3 review. These days, it seems as if reviewers are increasingly afraid to offend manufacturers and therefore they don’t call it like it really is. I am the owner of one of those speakers that I would wager is not on your "good list." I now know why after months of frustration. Although I have tried to get them to sound great (even good), and my dealer has also done quite a bit to help (I don't blame him), they just don’t have the mid-to-tweeter coherence and smooth non-fatiguing sound that they should have for the money I spent. Now that I have read your review I finally have a clue as to why. I'll seek out an audition of the Q3 and hopefully I can get a good trade-in on my speakers. You're doing what reviewers should do. Keep it up.


Thanks for the kind words, Marcelo. Good luck with the Q3 audition and please let me know how it turns out. . . . Jeff Fritz