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To Jeff Fritz,

You weren't kidding. I did end up buying the Merak/Sheritan 2s and there is simply no area where the Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 6es hold a candle to the Rockports, which do things I've never heard a speaker do: freedom from congestion and coloration regardless of volume, detail retrieval for a monkey coffin (inertness has its benefits), along with staging and singular coherence that is remarkable. What nits to pick are minor (top-end extension of the old Dynaudio Esotar tweeter), and are sins of omission, not commission (which are more objectionable). And, as you said, they care not a whit what music you play through them.

Despite the price, this is amongst the best audio purchases I've ever made. Many thanks for your input -- you were dead on. I appreciate your candor and accuracy -- that's the only standard for a reviewer to achieve, so good on you JF.