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To Jeff Fritz,

Great review. I have e-mailed you in the past, and as an owner of Tidal's Contriva Diacera SE speakers it was a pleasure to read your review of the Piano Cera speakers. They were the speakers that I heard at the first AXPONA show in Jacksonville, Florida, a year and a half ago that cemented my decision to buy the Contrivas. With my room being much larger the Diacera SEs worked perfectly. I am using SET amps I bought from ChaliceAudio.com. Again, a great review.


Thanks for the kind words. I very much enjoyed my time with the Tidals. I can't imagine that you're not thrilled every time you fire up your system with those Contriva Diacera SEs -- I know they are quite special. I think Tidal will be a force to contend with in the upper-high-end speaker market from here on out. They are doing some really cool things that are easy to hear in their speakers. . . . Jeff Fritz