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I enjoyed your recent article on the Coda 15.0 and will be checking it out myself.

I currently own Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 6es and am thinking of moving up. I’m in a heavily treated (ten 16" Tube Traps, lots of panels and diffusers) but small room (15' x 11' x 8'), which performs very, very well for nearfield listening. The WP6es work very well in this room. I’m thinking about a used set of Rockports . . . likely Merak/Sheritans. Side-firing woofers, and per Andy Payor, are very good for nearfield listening (as are the Wilsons). Or I could go with Wilson WP8s, Sashas, or Sophia 3s.

Question for you: I listen mostly to rock. How did you like the Altairs for rock versus the WP8s? Did the speaker lead you to a listening preference? Any comments you can provide here would be welcome on the companies’ respective "house sounds" and what music they can, and cannot, do as well. Mahalo, Jeff.


In my opinion, there is simply no comparison. The Rockports are some of the most highly engineered speakers in the world and, as such, have no preference when it comes to input material: they will simply play what you put in them. As well, they have deep, full bass that serves rock music just perfectly. The drivers also integrate very quickly off the front baffle making them excellent choices for nearfield listening. The Wilsons, in my opinion, just can't compete with the fidelity to the source that the Rockports accomplish by their very nature.

If you have an opportunity to buy a set of Rockports you should take advantage of it and not look back. It will be quite an upgrade for you. . . . Jeff Fritz