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Thanks for your insightful review of the Coda 15.0 power amplifier. As someone who owns several Coda amps and who's heard the 15.0 a number of times, I can attest to the inherent brilliance of their design. The first thing that strikes you about their products is their transparency. They have a window-free quality that few amps at any price can better, but it’s matched by a warmth and fluidity that really bring the music alive. And their bass is among the most tightly controlled I’ve heard. Considering how much they deliver sonically, and how favorably they compare with today’s über amps, their prices are a bargain. The 15.0 is truly a wonderful product, but I’d like to see future reviews of some of the other amps in the line; especially the S12.5, which I also think is reference grade.

Andy Claps

Thanks for the note. And I agree with your comments! Make sure you check out our Coda Technologies factory tour as well. . . . Jeff Fritz