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I just ran across your article boasting "The Best System Ever" or something of that nature. Maybe music servers are the future, but what about good old analog? That's not going away anytime soon, if ever.

Why no turntable or phono stage? How about the $90k Continuum Caliburn turntable, Cobra tonearm, and Castellon turntable stand that Michael Fremer says smokes even Rockport's Sirius lll, and the $30k Boulder 2008 phono stage? I'd be willing to bet this setup would have elevated your "ultimate system" to an even higher level. Just sayin'.

Chris M.

I have no argument with what you are saying. The best solid state and high-resolution digital has been my beat for the longest time and, therefore, it is what I tend to gravitate to. Would a turntable improve "The World's Best Audio System" substantially? My guess is that it would certainly provide an alternative source that would be quite compelling to hear. Ultimately, I think the way to get closest to the original recording is to listen to 24/88.2 or higher digital, but I, too, have heard great analog and agree it can be wonderful. . . . Jeff Fritz